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Oct 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
these disproportionate cuts that are coming through our national defense. now tim and his allies up in washington are saying we couldn't want to avert these cuts from defense as the house did or do something similar. what they want to do is raise taxes. >> when george was in the united states senate, he voted to privatize social security. that would have been a huge catastrophe prior to the collapse of wall street. what i would do is over time allow the payroll tax cap to adjust upwards as a first way of protecting the solvency of the program rather than changing the retirement age. >> reporter: this is one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. the stakes are high. the candidates know that what happens here in virginia is tied to what happens at the top of the ticket. that was very obvious tonight. they called it the people's debate ithe battle of the former governors. democrat tim kaine won the coin toss to go first and the first thing out of his mouth was a joking reference to mitt romney and the firestorm that he created when talked about cutting funding to public
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
who won the case on behalf of the american freedom defense initiative, the group behind the poster, spoke with us via skype. metro said these are fighting words, you say protected speech. >> this is poor political speech which rests on the high s rung of first amendment protection. it can't -- highest rung of first amendment protection. it can't be silenced because a violent mob is intent on suppressing your speech. >> metro had concerns and showed the judge this video shot by a new york reporter of a woman defacing the posters now hanging in subway stations. metro wanted to wait at least until november 1st to put up the ads at least until things calm down overseas. >> political speech is most effective when it's timely and these messages were exceedingly timely now and to delay them was government censure hip of speech. >> you just heard -- censureship of speech. >> you just heard from the lawyers. what about the riders that have to ride metro every day. we stopped by the glenmont station. >> i'm upset that the court would approve something like that. >> it's a worry, but we are b
Oct 13, 2012 10:30pm EDT
state department, the defense department, and the white house. and we want to fully understand why the administration's initial public assessment of this attack were subsequently proven inaccurate. the white house and the state department are fielding a lot of questions after president biden said that quote, we weren't told they wanted more security in libya. why wasn't he told? why wasn't the president told? here's what white house spokesman said about it. >> these are issues appropriately that are handled by security professionals at the state department. that's what he was talking about. >> one republican house member who just returned from an investigative trip to libya says the obama administration should have known that our facilities needed more security. >> leadership, a good president should be thanked, my goodness, we were bombed in libya twice. what are we doing to improve security there? not just sit back and wait and see. >> white house counters by saying the administration had quote, no actionable intelligence suggesting there would be an attack on the facility. in wa
Oct 12, 2012 10:00pm EDT
the student. defense lawyers argued jurors need to view that tape in con ex it of what happened that -- in context of what happened that night. >>> a former school bus driver in prince george's county found out her punishment today. theresa douglas was convicted of assault and destruction of property after she rammed already school bus into a trailer last year. a judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison, but she'll only have to serve half of the sentence. state's attorney angela alsobrooks says douglas was targeting a co-worker when she crashed into the trailer. the trailer was used as an employee lounge for bus drivers. >> miss douglas' conduct in my mind was absolutely absurd. rd. she was exacting revenge against an individual who was not even present in the building at the time that she rammed her bus, her school bus, into the side of this building. >> fortunately no students were inside the bus at the time of the crash. several people in the trailer suffered minor injuries. douglas will be on probation for five years after she's released. leased. >>> earlier this week we went gr
Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. but the defense, got worn down by that falcons' o. redskins fall to 2-3 on the year. 24-17 the final. rg3's health the big concern now. this is how shanahan knew griffin was done for the day. >> wasn't sure what quarter it was, and the 3rd quarter. when he wasn't sure what quarter it was, what the score was, we knew he had a mild concussions, at least according to the doctors. feels good now. a lot better now. but that was the situation, why he didn't go back in the game. >> able to talk to him, praying for you, concerned about your well-being. obviously he was down in spirits, because he wants to be out here fighting for his team. hopefully he can recover. >> afterwards griffin tweeted saying, thank you for your prayers and support. i'm okay. i think after all the testing i will play next week. >> he sounded confident. that was a rough hit. he took it from both sides. how likely is it we'll see him play next week? >> this is something the league takes over now. they've really tightened the guidelines around concussions. it will be doctor's orders. i say we get no word this week, no
Oct 6, 2012 10:30pm EDT
of texas, 48-45. >> charles: and really, what a bounce back for west virginia's defense, getting torched by baylor last week. this isn't pretty, but down the stretch, they made the plays necessary to win the football game. including a couple of fourth down stops. >> gus: the west virginia mountaineers, first year in the big 12 in their first road game in conference play. and knocking off the 11th ranked longhorns. 48-45. let's go down stairs where we have geno smith. >> geno, congratulations on your win. one second. geno, congratulations on your win, what went right? >> a number of things went right, main thing was we stuck together, it was not pretty, but we came to a tough venue, against a tough team, and closed it out. >> you did not let up once. what kept you going? >> i have a great team and great coaches and they keep me up throughout the game. i fumbled twice and had that not happened we would have won it by more points. but, you know, they kept me up throughout the game and helped me out. >> thank you so much, congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right, julie, so, west v
Oct 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
disease he was a defensive lineman for the detroit lions in the '60s. this year players sued the league arguing they should have gotten more protection for head injuries. he starred in the movie braise saddles and the sitcom webster. he was 77 years old. >>> there is already oscar buzz about the new movie argo opening this friday directed by ben affleck who also stars in it. affleck and many of the headliners were in d.c. tonight. >> reporter: actor ben affleck was beaming at the here of argo at the regal theater. his wife was here, also. argo is based on the real life rescue mission to free six agents from iran. when militants stormed the u.s. ambassador at iran they hid out at the moment of the canadian ambassador. the cia turns to specialist tony mendez to come up with a plan to free them. he concocts a scheme to make a fake movie so he can leave with the americans as phoney crew members. >> it's a story about two governments that worked together to save lives. it's a thrilling story. it's a nail biter and comedy but it's true at the essence of it and a lot of fun to watch. >> report
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7